A traditional family winegrowing estate, the beginnings of which go back as far as 1836. As one of the first professional private Slovene winemakers, Jože Kupljen launched the brand Vino Kupljen in 1976. Their wines are very telling of the terroir in the winegrowing hills of Jeruzalem, Slovenia. The terroir is primarily sandstone and heavy clay which produces crisp, fruity dry whites and light reds. This is an area renowned for wines that boast a fruity and fresh character from an early age and are famous for their extraordinary maturing potential (whites 5–20 years, reds 5–25 years); whereby each vintage unveils their diverse multilayered flavors. The Kupljen’s practice only eco-friendly cultivation in the vineyards, as well as in the winemaking process. All is perfectly in tune with the Vino Kupljen slogan: With Sun and Love!

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