We are very fortunate to represent the wines from a select few wineries in Greece, most of whom hold International awards from Decanter, IWSC and Organic Wine Competitions.

Winemaking has been an integral part of the Greek culture and history for over 4000 years. The ancient Greeks knew the nutritional value of wine, and it became a part of their daily regimen and also was a large part of the local economy. The deity Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semeli was one of the most worshiped of Greek Gods as the God of the Grape harvest, Winemaking, Wine and the Theater. A delightful combination for any culture!

The Ancient Greeks organized gatherings called "symposia" where they would eat and discuss philosophical subjects while drinking wine. While moderation was strictly adhered to, the Greeks would utilize the beneficial effects of wine to help achieve greater intellectual clarity and spiritual awareness. Wine was always diluted with water before drinking in a vase called "kratiras," derived from the Greek word krasis, meaning the mixture of wine and water. The word Krasi is now currently used in the Greek language as the term for wine.

We import from the Macedonia, Peloponnese, Santorini and Crete wine regions. These regions are on similar latitudes as Napa, California. All have a type of volcanic soil and/or sand and clay which are ideal for growing world class wines. The vineyards of Domaine Porto Carras are located on the western coast of the Sithonia peninsula in Halkidiki, Greece; the Macedonia wine region. At the point where the lush slopes of Mount Meliton slope to meet the clear waters of the Gulf of Torone, over 1100 acres of stunning terraced vineyards make-up one of the largest and most picturesque vineyards in Greece. The waters of the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean moderate the temperatures of this Mediterranean region. The volcanic soils of Crete bring forth the most delicious floral aromatic Moschifilero wine, an ancient indigenous white variety. The wines of this region are aromatic and refreshing! Most memorable! The wines of Naoussa bring forth rich, bold red wines and distinct ancient varietals such as the Xinomavro (Sin-Oh-ma-vrow). It is such a treat to be introduced to these luscious and exciting varietals that have been in obscurity for too long.

We invite you to share a bottle of history with us and understand our love of the Greek gift of wine!

Yiamas' To our Health!

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