Expertise abounds and it consistently produces exceptional elegant wines. Erzsébet Pince, a boutique winery with a family of four winemakers and Master of Wine. They have been drawing global attention in multiple markets, most notably in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Their small boutique winery produces an average of 1,000 cases of wine each year.

Both parents are winemakers and both their daughter and son followed the wine making path. Recently, their daughter and Ronn Wiegand, Master of Wine, married and just had their first child in 2010. Who knows! There may soon be five winemakers in the family.

The Pracsers, founded the winery, in 1989, after the change in the political system in Hungary. Their over 200 year old cellar is located in the heart of the historical Tokaj village. The Tokaj wine region dates back to the 1720's.

The cellar was previously owned by the Russian Wine Trade Company that established the cellar to provide the Court of Russian Czars and Czarina Elizabeth with Royal Tokaj wines.

The Pracsers believe in and practice natural farming to protect the environment and people, as well as, minimal intervention in the winemaking process to ensure the characteristics of the terroir and fruit are revealed. Their large estate allows the nature of each vineyard to be expressed through the grapes it produces.

In 2009, their 2003 Aszúeszencia received Gold at Decanter World Wine Awards, one of the world's most prestigious wine magazines and organizations.

The vineyards are very special in the Tokaj region due to the volcanic bedrock that contains minerals, rich soils, good elevation and perfect exposure. Erzsébet's cultivate indigenous Tokaj varieties on 30 acres of land.

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