Bock Cellars

József Bock's family arrived from Germany and settled in the region of Villány, Hungary in the 18th century. In 1956 people of German origin were evicted, but Bock's hospitalized father, Antal, refused to leave. A few years later, he bought back a tiny plot of his family's original vineyard on Jammertal Hill. A region most notably known for its rich red wines. Their family established a successful viticulture business and continued their investments in the land. After the difficult Socialist rule their business began to thrive in the new markets. Over nine generations later, József Bock's winemaking has been recognized in many international and domestic competitions and have garnered dozens of gold medals and special awards. By 1997, he was named Hungary's Producer Of The Year.

József Bock spares no effort in looking after his Guyot-trained vines. He reviews the intricacies of pruning and caring for each vine in daily morning meetings with his viticulture team. He passes on generations of experience to his team that has very effectively produced top quality grapes from his vineyards. He even grows Hungarian Oak trees and his personal cooper makes the barrels to his specifications. Oak is skillfully integrated into his wines, creating rich and well-balanced flavors. He is known for blending interesting varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon with Pinot Noir.

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